Something to look forward to. . .

Today, The Boy and I took the Brown Dog on a long walk. There are some new homes being built a couple of blocks away and Brown Dog CANNOT resist running in the soft brown dirt here. I think it’s the equivalent of dried out pluff mud. He runs in crazy circles, kicking up dust and sneezing and getting generally filthy. Brown Dog wore himself out pretty quickly and we headed back home.

We walked past the sports fields which are surrounded by “creepy trees” and weeds and thorny shrubs and general jungle type growth. I happened to notice a few bright red berries and went to check them out. Turns out those thorny shrubs aren’t actually thorny themselves. They are just COVERED with blackberry bushes/vines that are climbing over everything. These things stretch for a whole block. Right now, they are just tart little red promises of things to come.

tendril    lone beauty (2)    jungle love - Copy

The Boy managed to find a couple of ripe ones which were, of course, eaten on the spot as there is nothing better in the world than a warm blackberry fresh from the bush.

ripe one     hand     a single ripe one

We’ll keep walking by over the next two or three weeks to watch for them to ripen. Be on the lookout for a blackberry cobbler recipe in the next month or so!


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