Porkstravaganza – Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

Every year, Chef J and I throw a big pork-themed party that we’ve dubbed Porkstravaganza. Everyone brings a dish to share with one caveat. Whatever anyone brings MUST include some sort of pork product. We’ve had Bacon Bombs, Pork Belly Biscuits, Little Porky Tacos, Maple Bacon Cupcakes and everything in between. It’s gotten pretty competitive… Read More Porkstravaganza – Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

Long Days, Hectic Nights – Slow Cooker Carnitas

When we looked through The Boy’s school planner a few weeks ago, one particular Friday looked like hell. He had two tests, that project he’d been working on for two weeks rather lackadaisically was due, plus he had the regular math sheet, reading and language arts assignments to complete. Thursday homework night was going to be a nightmare. Oh, and… Read More Long Days, Hectic Nights – Slow Cooker Carnitas